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Salons can offer the perfect way to get ready for a wedding day celebration. The bride and her bridal party may wish to book a spa/salon where they can all meet and get ready together. This may handle the hair, nails, and makeup of everyone in the group. Depending on the amount of time available, this type of booking can create the ideal way to bring everyone together to look his or her best. Of course, there are some key things to consider for selecting the best spa salon in Lucknow for your grand wedding.


Tips to Select the best salon and spa in Lucknow


  1. Ensure the spa Has Ample Room: The last thing you want is to select a spa that already has a full calendar of clients. Always look for a spa in Lucknow with limited booking on your wedding day. Ensure the spa or the parlor has enough staff and space to accommodate your group alone. This way, everyone in your group gets equal attention at the same time. Many salons tend to stall their bookings for several hours so they can meet the needs of the entire wedding party at one time. This ensures that no one is left out or has to go last for treatment. You don’t want it taking too long on this special day, either.
  2. Plan for Other Services: Also important is to look for salon in Lucknow that can offer all the services you need. While pedicures and manicures should happen a day or two before the big day, makeup and waxing can happen the day of the event. You’ll want to choose a location that offers these services and plan for what they will entail. Working on a color scheme for makeup and having a basic waxing down prior to the big day helps to reduce the amount of work necessary on the wedding day.


Most of the premium salon and spas in Lucknow displays the latest trend of hair styles in their style books or on the display boards. So if you are unclear about the latest trends, you can refer to these and cut your hair according to it. Most of the celebrities visit such salons on a regular basis because of the world class services they offer. Because of that, the pricing for various services in such salon and spas will be different as compared to ordinary ones. Apart from that, various things like cosmetics, hair care equipment, seating, etc. used in such salon and spas follow international standards. If you are looking for a complete makeover in your hair style and consequentially in body language.



Best Bridal Makeup in Lucknow that reveals a new you

The center of attraction in a wedding is always a bride. Take anything and the role of bride comes in. When it is decoration, the bride’s comfort comes first. When booking a venue, brides space matters, and of course, when it is a dress, jewelry, and makeup, who else can be most concerned other than the bride. The most beautiful and the focus of everybody’s  eye. Best bridal makeup in Lucknow is the secret behind every bride’s beauty is a perfect makeup as per the dress and jewelry she wears.

All the brides have only one thing in their mind, how to look the best? It is a big day and a chance not is taken in anything. Not at least in makeup. Makeup is directly applied on the skin and therefore there is always a fear of reactions on the skin. Thus selecting the bridal makeup in Lucknow which suits you and your skin and selecting the makeup artists, who know your skin is the most critical task. Nobody wants the last moment mess! Every bride wants to dazzle and shine in style on her wedding day.

The makeup of a bride is totally different and is meant for her only. The makeup of a bride makes her look completely different from her usual look. No matter how expert you are in your makeup skills but when it comes to your wedding, only a professional makeup artist can help you. Mohini Makeovers gives you the best Bridal Makeup artist In Lucknow. It changes your looks dramatically. Whatever is your complexion, our experts have the caliber to make you look like a princess at the end. A professional makeup stylist takes care that your makeup and hairstyle should make your dress complete.

The main aim of a makeup stylist should be that at the end when the bride reaches the stage, she should look at her best and at the same time she should be confident enough about her looks. A bride should feel content with her wedding makeup. The spa is the best to give you a perfect bridal look. The spa gives you the best Bridal Makeup In Lucknow. The bridal makeup makes you look the best for your day keeping your natural beauty intact. The spa does both for you; a traditional makeup with glitters and the modern elegant makeup. The spa is the best choice for pre wedding beauty treatments also.


How To Choose Lip Color Based On Our Skin Tone – Tricks By Beauty Professional

How To Choose Lip Color Based On Our Skin Tone – Tricks By Beauty Professional

Oh! You have to attend a party tonight? And do you desire to have a look that amazes everyone around? Then, I am sure, there must be lots of things going on, in your mind what dress to wear along with which footwear or how to give a perfect style to hairs with the stunning makeup and the list goes on. But for having that perfect look, an expert professional is needed, a professional could magically enhance the look and cover up all the facial flaws. Different technique and trick are adopted by a beauty professional of best beauty services in Lucknow for applying makeup on different facial color, but today they are informing us about lip colors and which type of skin color should go for which type of lip colors.

But before that, according to beauty professionals of Mohini Makeovers, it’s important to know about the skin tone of a customer and then apply the makeup which will suit them best. Through their years of experience in the field of makeup and beauty, professionals of bridal makeup in Lucknow classify the skin tone of people on the basis of their skin color which are cool undertones, warm undertones, and neutral undertones. The beauty professionals of this salon provide their professional service in accordance with these facial colors as for right lipstick not only beautify the lips but also adore the whole face.

Cool Tones

The people with fairer skin comes under cool tone categories if your skin color has a tinge of red or pink color you are definitely a person with hair color. If you are fair skin then you can try on lip colors like bright red, bright pink, deep bluish red or magenta colors will look awesome. The beauty professionals of this salon avoid the lip colors with lighter colors as usage of these colors can make client’s face dull.

Warm Tones

The people are said to be warm tones when their skin color has a tinge of yellow, golden, or olive, for people who have warm skin tone beauty professionals of nail art in Lucknow color their lips with red or orange colors to render their client’s astonishing look.

Neutral Tones

So are you guys are neither fair nor dark, then you surely come in this category. People with this skin tone are quite lucky and have a wider range of choice. Almost every shade of lipstick suits the people with skin tone.

Super Amazing Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes By Professional Makeup Artist

  Mohini Makeovers | Bridal Makeup Artist in Lucknow

Super Amazing Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes By Professional Makeup Artist

When we talk about makeup, unique or different style is always praised and loved, so it’s really obvious that people should highlight facial feature if it’s blessed with uniqueness or rarity. So, here girls, beauty professionals of the elite beauty salon, Mohini Makeovers are all set to point out some super amazing makeup tactics which you all could adopt if you are blessed with ‘brown eyes’. If you have brown eyes, you are lucky one, as almost every color goes well with your eyes, but here beauty professionals of the makeup studio in Lucknow are highlighting some amazing shades with will really flaunt the beauty of your eyes.

Let’s have a check:

· Try-Out – Stunning Plum Shade:

If you have dark brown eyes plum shade is must for you and you must try out this as your dark brown eyes really give the earthy feel and plum shade compliments them really well and make them really beautiful.

· Green Colored Eye Shadow:

If you are a dress with green or any other complimentary color you should try on the green color eyeshadow as brown eyes with this color turns out stunningly well. You could try out either matte or shimmer, depending on your own choice. But if you have a day out – matte would better and if you have night party shimmer will perfectly highlight your eyes.

· Gray Will Superbly Compliments Your Brown Eyes:

So, you have brown eyes, black won’t help your eyes, but gray is the best option for you guys. Gray could perfectly give you dark but subtle look. Combine your gray eyeshadow with the winged eyeliner with silver touch up, this style would give you astonishing glance.

· Embellish Your Eyes With Perfect Combination Of Black & Gold:

Black and gold eyeshadows are the perfect combination and always do wonders! Black eyeshadow single-handedly doesn’t go well with brown eyes, but when its combined with golden color, it lays magical effect on brown eyes. Gold color goes well with brown eyes as brown eyes contain tiny flecks of gold, this look tun out just stunning.

· Bronze Always Does Magic With Brown Eyes:

This is a great look for parties and nights out when you have light brown eyes. The bronze will do an excellent job in complementing the lighter specks in your eyes. This is also a great look for the summers as the bronze would signify the warmth in the air.

So, all browned eyes girls, next time when you are out for the party, don’t forget to jazz your eyes with these amazing eyeshadows. These shades will unfailingly doll your eyes and will render you an outstanding look.

Makeup Artist in Lucknow

Best Beauty Salon in Lucknow

Review: Had Highly Relaxed And Stress Releasing Spa Sessions by Skilled Professionals


Mohini Makeovers is the most one of those of salons which is really successful in giving me the satisfactory result. It’s a salon with multiple and vast beauty services covering every beauty and body care aspects. If you are suffering from any skin or beauty problems, professionals of this salon would surely have the solution for your problem.

Tired with daily stressful routine, I was looking for the relaxing sessions. The professionals of this salon are highly successful in giving me and my body that relaxation. Best spa in Lucknow being well maintained with all the facilities is very much successful in providing the relaxed environment. The spa session given by spa professionals of this salon turned out to be my most luxurious holiday. The whole session has given me so ease and rejuvenate my body not only internally but also externally. In the spa session provided by the beauty professionals also perform some rejuvenating treatments for my skin too. They provided me with some skin wraps, which helps me in removing my dead skin and give my skin a radiant glow and refreshment.

This beauty salon provides a variety of spa treatments depending on the client and his body requirement. Spa treatments provided by them aren’t only for de-stressing but also for pampering the body with proper nourishment and refreshment. Not only this, these spa services are also very much successful in treating numerous of diseases too, as this service enhances the blood circulation in the body and provide the cells with proper oxygen and nutrition. These spa sessions also relief our body from any kind of stress and body pain as in this salon, massages are provided by herbal ingredients with ultimately nourish our body.

What Are The Pre-Bridal Beauty Treatments A Bride Must Have?


The wedding day is the day where couples are treated as celebrities and being the celebrity isn’t an easy task as a couple has to look and present themselves well. Varied beauty sessions and hard work are done by the bride to look her best on such a special day of their life. But numerous of bride-to be doesn’t even know how they should take care of themselves, before the wedding, so here beauty professionals of Mohini Makeovers are jotting down some beauty hacks which bride-to-be must adopt to have a diva look on her D – day.

Some of the pre-bridal beauty tips which are pointed out by the beauty professional of bridal makeup in Lucknow are as follows:

Make CTM your healthy skin formula:

CTM – Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the factors which will totally transform and nourish your skin, if followed on the regular basis. A regular and daily cleansing will not let any dirt settle down on your skin pores and will provide your skin a proper breath. Toning helps your skin pores in tightening and also will help you in  removing the fine lines on your skin. Moisturizing will provide your skin the proper nourishment and will help your skin in restoring the moisture.

Follow Exfoliation Process:

So if you have dry, dead skin, exfoliation process is must for you and you must have it in your pre-bridal session in order to grasp the fresh glowing skin. You should follow this process before your face wash too, as direct application of face wash will affect your skin.

Give Your Face And Hair – Spa Session:

When your wedding is around, it’s time to rejuvenate your skin and hair, spa session is the way to revive them. You must have these hair spa and facial spa session from prior to six months on a regular basis.

Check Whether You Need Any Skin Treatment Or Not:

For having that perfect look, you may cover your face or skin flaws if there are any before your wedding. But before having any treatment you must analyze whether you really need them or not.

Join Gym, Stay Fit And Healthy:

Being fit and healthy person, your skin will automatically glow and shine. So make sure to regularly have a healthy diet with the workout. If it’s inconvenient, you may join a gym for proper and regular assistance.

Lip Makeup Tips For The People With Heavy Top Lip


Everyone must be aware of the fact that makeup come out beautifully when it is applied in a right way and in accordance with the shape and texture of the person. As makeup artist one must keep these things in mind, many people think that lipstick application is a simple process and many people can do that, but it’s also a makeup art and must be done in accordance with lip shape and texture.

Now several women have their heavy top lips, but these lips could be embellished beautifully, if lip color is applied trick fully. Mohini Makeover’s Makeup in Lucknow being really skilled in her field, here informing us about several tricks through which they could flaunt their lips flawlessly:

  • At the very first step, you should line your lips from the cupid bow (center of the lips) of the lips to outside along with your lip’s natural shape. As this lip liner helps your lipstick in long stay.
  • At the next step you should apply a brighter shade lipstick on your lower lip and for giving your top lip a balancing look you should cover it with a slightly darker shade.
  • If you are facing difficulty in finding the darker shade then you can apply the same shade of lipstick on both of your lips and after that you can dab your white pencil or eyeshadow at the center of your lower lip for having that embellishing look.
  • Now the easiest tip to give the perfect look with superb look is to apply the darker shade lips colors as these colors work really well in balancing the lip shape with exemplary look.

All these tips will cover up your flaw and will embrace you with perfect look, anytime, anywhere.

Balance Your Makeup With Mohini Makeover


When we think about bridal makeup, it’s all about how sublimity makeup has been applied to thrive the beauty of their clients. Beauty professionals feel their obligation towards their clients and that’s why, they should use their skills very efficiently. Professionals of Virgo Skin and Beauty salon are no different; they perform their job in order to provide utmost satisfaction to their clients.

Beauty professionals of bridal makeup in Lucknow, being experienced with numerous of professional bridal makeup services, follow several precautionary measures in order to provide a flawless bridal look to their client on her wedding day.

Some of the followed precautionary measures before bridal makeup are as follows:

  • Beauty professionals of this salon don’t leave eyebrow procedure for the wedding day as this endures the risk of redness or in rare cases there might be chances of minute swelling, so all the major beauty treatments are rendered before the wedding day.
  • The bride is advised to have proper sleep, the day before her wedding. As lack of sleep, will affect the look and she may seem tired and clumsy on her wedding day.
  • Beauty professionals while rendering the bridal look to their clients perform their job in order to give a natural look to brides so that on their wedding day, they don’t seem over the top.
  • Beauty professionals of this makeup in Lucknow perform their task, very fluently and they prior set the look and hair style which they decide to render on their D-day.
  • Beauty professionals of this salon on only formerly decide on the bridal look of their clients, but also give a prior try to their clients in order to satisfy their clients with the bridal look.

All these factors, not only helps the professionals in rendering the fluent bridal look but also its very convenient for the client too.

Grasp The Bridal Look Which Will Suit You The Best Through Professional Makeup Artists


When it comes to bridal glimpse, lots of looks can be tried with several styling options are present, from traditional one to semi-modern, modern bridal look and so on. Beauty professionals of this salon totally changed the look of their brides, with their creative skills. The efforts of these professionals are put to flourish the natural beauty of their clients.

Mohini Makeovers of this salon performs jobs really efficiently and turn every bride’s look enormously beautiful. The impressive thing about bridal makeup in Lucknow is that beauty professionals of this salon don’t always play safe and are much open towards trying on new things and rendering experimental yet gorgeous look to their brides.

As my wedding was day – wedding, bridal lehenga was peach in color, makeup artist of this salon jazzed me up with brown colored cosmetic, be it eye shadow, lipstick, or blush. This matte makeup style totally glamorized my makeup look. Combining this bridal look with heavy jewelry my bridal look was impeccable and just out of my dreams. Beauty professionals provided me the look, which I was thinking of. The best part is that, these professionals are so polished in their professionals that with merely guidance and slight briefing about my desired look, makeup artist perfectly understands about my bridal look desire and were absolutely successful in rendering that look.

But any makeup artist would only be able to understand and render the look when he/she have deep knowledge and skill of their profession but also are aware of the latest beauty and fashion trends and tradition. With their constant efforts, beauty professionals of this salon are able to grasp this brilliance in their profession and through these expert service they are able to render satisfactory service to their clients.

Blue Eyes Perfectly Jazzed Up By Beauty Professionals


People put their best efforts on jazzing up their look and have the best appearance. A skillfully applied makeup could perform the awesome job in covering up your facial flaws and flourishing your look. Now when we talk about makeup, eyes are the most attractive thing, one can find. Beauty professionals of bridal makeup in Lucknow opt for varied makeup style depending upon their client’s eye shape and color.

For my bridal makeup, I booked Mohini Makeovers, as I was their regular client and always had satisfactory and comfortable experience with their work. Beauty professionals of this salon, perfectly glorified my bridal look on my wedding day. Beauty professionals of this salon, knows the tactics of this makeup art really well and that’s why they flaunt the best facial feature of their clients. As they do in my case, as I am blessed with a rare organ of sight – blue eyes, makeup artists of this salon execute their makeup art supremely well and shaped my eye look in superb way.

For astonishing my bridal look, they magnify my eye look by jazzing it up with soft coral and champagne tone which was successful in escorting up slight glint to my eyes but wasn’t overdoing it and keeping it natural. For adding up more quintessentiality, beauty professionals of this salon smear my lips with cherry red lipstick which intensified my bridal look on my D-day. My never to be forgotten, bridal makeup seamlessly complimented my red bridal lehenga and personality. I would also like to signify here that, its not that only beauty skills of these professionals are good, but they also understand the photographic norms really well and that’s why their makeup application was such that my wedding photographs comes out prodigiously well.