Get Yourself Flourishing Bridal Look By Mohini Makeovers


Beauty is the think every woman craves for either she is working or not, rich or poor, young or old every lady wants to look beautiful. Mohini makeover is here for all our customers removing all their beauty concerns and provides you more confident perception about yourself.

Mohini makeover had rendered enchanting look to many brides till now and still continuing. Our all other beauty salon services are also up to the mark and we doesn’t give a chance for any complaint to our customers. Our salon renders all other beauty services ranging from makeup services bridal makeup, Mehndi, spa or Best Nail art in Lucknow. These all types of latest and trendy makeup and salon service are rendered by us and that too in minimal cost possible.


As a beautician I have beautify many women heading for a precious day of their life. There are many infamous makeup styles which we have provided to our customers such as ‘minimal makeup look’, ‘soft, dewy look’ which was highly appreciated by the entire guest present in the function.

Salon in Lucknow has been pampering their customers with their excellent beauty services as their satisfaction is of utmost importance for us. We have expert professional for every beauty service like a specialized person for hair styling, makeup services, hair cutting, facial or massages.


We have standout our competitors in bridal makeup because we had set up our unique style in bridal makeup with have been constantly appreciated by the people. While providing a bridal look to the bride our main focus is to enhance natural beauty of our client rather than applying the layers of makeup, as we understand that natural beauty is best beauty one can have. Bridal makeup in Lucknow treats their customers uniquely and thus they will not find these extra services in any other beauty salon around the city:

  • We try and give ‘surprised-look’ to our bride on the special day of her life, a look really different from her Mehndi, Sangeet or Haldi Day unless bride herself want any specialized look.
  • We plan special sessions with our brides before the wedding for treating any type of skin problem that bride has. In these sessions we try the most appropriate method with minimal risk for treating any skin problem. For instance, one of our clients comes to our salon for removing the dark circles under the eye area for this we give her massage with mixture, tomato and lemon juice on regular basis and direct her for having healthy diet, which had given us magical result. She was totally free from dark circle days before the wedding.
  • We formerly inquire our client about her wedding outfit and try to get photograph of it which give us clear idea which type of makeup will suit her best with that outfit.
  • Next thing on which we pay special attention is that which type of bridal makeup client is expecting from us and as a professional we analyze that does that will suit her best or there are some other options? As professionals we give our clients best and unbiased advice on their bridal look, giving them the best look for their life.
  • Although we give a really different look to our bride on her wedding day and surprise her for bridal look but we don’t give this look instantly we arrange trials for makeup and look test before the wedding.

Thus, makeup in Lucknow pays that ‘extra’ attention to our client and we work really hard for giving them ‘best look’ of their life that they couldn’t even dream of. These qualities that Mohini Makeover endures, you as a customer will not find in any other beauty salon and that’s why we have earned so much praise and respect from our customers.

Charming Bridal Makeover By Mohini makeover


I had a worthwhile experience with Mohini Makeovers for my pre- bridal treatments. Being a working professional it was really difficult for me to take a regular care of my skin, so pre-bridal treatments were must for me because as other brides I also wanted to look my best on my wedding day.

Mahini Makeover pampers me by providing special facial according to my skin type as these facials remove dead skin and provides you with clean and clear skin on your wedding day. Salon in Lucknow perfectly understands that beauty doesn’t only concerns with makeup but it also relates to stress free mind. So they provided me with body massage, removing my body tiredness and stress. They provided me a body massage with the mixture of coconut oil and grind papaya which not only given me skin glow but this process was also a relaxing one.


Apart from these services makeup in Lucknow also provided me with regular beauty services such as full body wax, threading on my eyebrow as well as on my face for removing those extra hairs, and for most neglected body parts- hands and feet they provided me a pedicure and manicure sessions at regular interval of 15 days.

These pre-bridal treatments by Mohini Makeover had given me great charm and shinny skin on my wedding day.

Makeup Which Inclined The Personality


I had been in the occupation of a multinational organization; I have never experienced any cosmetics session. I was truly slacking on finding a salon for my wedding an around 2weak preceding I ran over Mohini Makeover. Their work can be depicted in single word flawlessness! The photographs of their work represent themselves as to how imaginative and capable they seem to be.

Salon in Lucknow sets aside opportunity to tune in and truly make the look you are yearning paying little mind to what it is, they can make it. Their ability is serious; they are genuinely a stunning craftsman. They did my mom’s cosmetics and my cosmetics the day of my wedding. They made me look delightful and dazzling, and got a considerable measure of compliments and everybody was quite recently, so satisfied with the work they have done.

I am sufficiently fortunate to get the marriage cosmetics in Lucknow for my wedding, they are the one a player in my wedding that I had no dread about. I knew after the trial that I could depend on them to make a superb showing with regards to and they did. They did my face and I felt appeared as though i, simply made up prettier. After they have finished with my cosmetics and hair, I had no uncertainty, I needed to have them in my wedding.

Want to experiment with new intensifying looks?


I believe that maintaining and updating ourselves with current trends and traditions is of utmost importance as these things enhance your overall personality and also increases your confidence level.

I wanted to give myself a ‘new look’ and Mohini Makeover was one I look forward to as I got really nice reviews on makeup in Lucknow for them beforehand from my friends which turned out to be true in my case. I have curly natural hairs and I was bored with these hairs, and wanted to have something really different. Owner and beautician of salon in Lucknow suggested me for rebonding. This beauty treatment had given me a really new look and even I was not able to believe on my new look. These straight, sleek and shiny hairs were really intensifying my personality and looks. I was satisfied with their service. There is a misconception that rebonding always had adverse effects on your hairs, but you go for reputed and trustworthy salon like Mohini Makeover your hair quality doesn’t suffer and it last longer as they use trusted and high quality products which doesn’t harm your hairs. In my case, rebonding doesn’t affect my hairs and its quality.


I can say that beauticians who are working at the best spa in Lucknow salon are well trained and have proper knowledge of their field and doesn’t give any wrong advice to their customers.

Glamorized Bridal Makeup By Mohini Makeover

best salon

Having the best look on wedding is a dream every girl has dreamed of. I visited to many beauty salons for booking artist for my special day. Those beauty salon was offering services in a very routine and formerly planned scheme only I wanted them to give me some unique look putting some personalized efforts for my bridal look. But Mohini Makeover proved to be the best, as they not only provided me, a unique look with their personalized efforts for my bridal look but also their skilled hands had given me a charming bridal look.

Mohini makeover not only given me their professional guidance, but also try her best to render me a dazzling look at my wedding. Makeup in Lucknow puts some special efforts bridal makeup and given me, enchanting look that was praised by everyone around. The attractive makeup was done by her, but the thing that was most attractive was eye makeup. Smoky eye makeup done by her was most attractive.


With her awesome makeup skills, after cleansing my face, she applies counselor to my eyes- matching to my skin tone. After a perfect blend of counselor, she applied golden eye shadow with a smoky black combination which was completely suiting my bridal dress.

This kind of enthusiasm stands out Mohini Makeovers over others and this kind of dedication of them towards their work has moved me. Bridal makeup in Lucknow provided by them was a praising subject throughout my wedding.

You’re Search Ends with Best Bridal makeup in Lucknow

Bridal-Makeup-Makeup the word itself depicts about the excellence and shading. When we talk or needs the best bridal makeup in Lucknow, we immediately looked for the marriage makeup salon. When I got ready for marriage, starting there of minute I began searching for the best bridal makeup. When I scanned for the wedding cosmetics, I found the Mohini makeovers site. I simply experience the site and booked them for my wedding.

bridal makeup in Lucknow
bridal makeup in Lucknow

They made me look simple, there imaginativeness and enthusiasm for cosmetics lives me looking and feeling awesome. They are so patient and oblige to changes however their abilities are stunning. They grandstand a few looks from her marriage make-up portfolio for the Shaadi peruses. Representing Indian wedding cosmetics artist, Mohini makeover is one of the best salon in Lucknow for me.

They are a gifted makeup artist and ideal for the ladies that like inconspicuous makeup that makes them sparkle and detest anything cap’s over the top. For all young ladies that completely detest makeup, yet need to at present look great with all your breathtaking components gleaming, they knows how to deal with the ladies that end up plainly outright bridezillas when makeup comes into picture. Mohini Makeover highlights your element and draws out the best in you.

Moderate Your Beauty with Mohini Makeover

From my first telephone call with Mohini Makeover, she was proficient, a great audience, responsive, and kind. I felt totally agreeable while she was taking a shot at me, and even less pushed. She truly tuned in to what my mom and I imagined for our cosmetics and we were excited and astonished by the outcomes! The hues that bridal makeup in Lucknow utilized were totally complimentary to my skin tone and eye shading. Her cosmetics made me feel quite a lot more extraordinary than the cosmetics I more often than not wear to an occasion.

bridal makeup in Lucknow
bridal makeup in Lucknow

Makeup in Lucknow managed all the little craziness’s of a wedding with beauty. The day after the wedding, I wrote to state ‘Hanging out with the young ladies in the casual and upbeat condition you made was a magnificent and ideal begin to the day. I think everybody felt excellent throughout the night – I know they looked it.’ I adored my cosmetics and it looks awesome in pictures. My mom cherished her cosmetics also. She looked incredible, and a portion of the visitors said that she looked more youthful. I would totally suggest Mohini makeover for other wedding, or any uncommon occasion cosmetics. She’s unfathomable recently great in her work.

Here Style is Created Just For You

Best Bridal makeup in telibagh LucknowOne of the hardest thing I had involvement amid our wedding arrangement was attempting to discover a makeup artist that meets my desire, which I truly didn’t anticipate. In the wake of review Mohini makeover salon showstopper I was extremely awed. I saw their work over the web; on her site I knew by taking a gander at her work that she was the best. Makeup artist in Telibagh Lucknow was so warm and benevolent to manage which helps when you are an apprehensive lady. She made the look that I needed which was common, new and shocking.

As the lady of the hour, I sensed that I was shining and got loads of compliments about the regular look of the cosmetics. What’s more, truly I never feel so charming and certain, it was quite recently great. The cosmetics kept going flawlessly for the duration of the day/night and I didn’t need to stress over it all.

best bridal makeup in lucknowI was truly charmed that I pick best bridal makeup in Lucknow as my cosmetics craftsman and would exceptionally regard her to different ladies to-be. I would have no dithering in regarding her to anybody for any event and I anticipate whenever I can complete my cosmetics her. She simply has the workmanship in her grasp which make anybody magnificence more treasured.